Alice Campus

Name Telephone Number Email
Dr. C O' Shea Lecturer and Head of Department 

Research Areas: Qualitative studies on media audiences; Discourse analyses (of media texts or interview texts); Topics could include media use, or representation in media.


Prof. M Caldwell Associate Professor 

Research Areas: Ethnomethodology; semiotic analysis; content analysis

040 602 2078  

Prof. O Osunkunle Associate Professor and Senior Lecturer

Research Area: Community Media,New Media, Corporate Communication and Stakeholder Management.

040 602 2312

Mr.G.M Tebid Lecturer

Research Areas: Media and democracy; New Media and Social Change,Intercultural organisational cmmunication; Media and education; and Political communication in general.

040- 602- 2353

Ms P. Maseko Lecturer

Research Areas: Broadcast media and its effects on society.

040 602 2580
Mr S. Jabavu Lab Assistant 040 602 2747