Undegraduate Studies

1. Science And Technology Foundation Programme (STFP)

The Science and Technology Foundation Programme (STFP) is intended to provide a strong science foundation to students who do not meet University and/or Faculty of Science and Agriculture entry requirements.  The STFP programme follows an extended curriculum model where the first academic year of a BSc degree is spread over two years and “extra time” is used for support.  Also, the renaming of the BSc courses offered in the STFP (note: all STFP courses are derived from regular University courses that fulfill SAQA regulations) are for tracking purposes.  The minimum entrance requirements for the STFP is a pass in Mathematics and Physical Science at level 3 and a pass in either Life Science or Geography or Agriculture or Info Technology at level 3.  The minimum period for the STFP is 4 years (384 credits).

2. Bachelor Of Science (Bsc) degree

To follow a BSc Degree it is compulsory to have passed Matric Mathematics and Physical Science at least level 4. A degree is not simply any combination of subjects, but should be carefully constructed around specific major subjects.  Some subject combinations are not allowed, but even some permissible combinations are not as meaningful as others.  It is very important that each student should plan his/her curriculum carefully to ensure that subject combinations are meaningful and that all the necessary pre-requisites and co-requisites are met.  All students, and particularly new students, are therefore advised to discuss their subject choices with Faculty staff members.

3. Bachelor of Agriculture (B Agricdegree

4. Bachelor of Science in Agriculture (BSc Agric) degree