Faculty rules for Agriculture Undergraduate Degrees

The following rules and regulations must be read in conjunction with the provisions of the Higher Education Act, the University Statute and the general rules and regulations of the University.  Where a learner includes a module or modules from another faculty in his/her programme, the rules and regulations of that faculty apply to the module(s) in question.

These rules apply to Agricultural undergraduate modules and qualifications. 

Ag1.1     In order to obtain a degree of bachelor a student must be credited with the modules which are prescribed for the curriculum concerned.

Ag1.2     On completion of a module a student shall be credited with the number of credits assigned thereto.

Ag2        The relevant HOD shall advise Faculty Board and Senate in respect of the curriculum for each study direction.

Ag3.1     Under special circumstances, departures from a curriculum may be permitted, subject to the approval of the Senate on the recommendation of the relevant HOD, the Dean and the Faculty Board.

Ag3.2     The Senate may, on the recommendation of the Faculty Board, give credit towards the degree for a module not included in a particular curriculum.

Ag3.3     Registration for elective modules is subject to approval by the Dean, on the recommendation of the Head of Department concerned.

Ag 3.4    The Dean may permit a student to take modules normally prescribed for a semester or semesters in advance of that for which s/he is registered provided that:

  1. preference is given to modules prescribed for earlier semesters, but not yet completed;
  2. credit has been obtained for the pre-requisites;  and
  3. there are no time-table clashes

Ag 4       Determination of Year of Study

Ag4.1      (a)   A student shall, at first attempt, be promoted to the second year of study, if s/he has obtained credit for 70% of the credits prescribed in the curriculum for the first year of study.

  1. A student obtaining less than 70% of the credits prescribed for the first year of study shall be promoted to the second year of study if, thereafter, she obtains credits for all the first year modules.

Ag4.2     A student shall be promoted to the third year of study when s/he has completed all the modules of the first year of study and has not more than 24 credits outstanding from the second year of study.

Ag4.3     A student shall be promoted to the fourth year of study when s/he has completed the requirements above and has not more than 32 credits outstanding.

Ag4.4     Registration for modules which have a time-table clash will not be permitted.

Ag 5       Practical Vacation Training

In their final two years of study, students will be required by the Faculty Board to remain for specified periods to do practical work under the guidance of an approved person or at an approved institution during vacations.

Ag 6       Conversion from B Agric to B Sc Agric

The procedure involves one of 2 pathways as follows:

Ag 6.1    Start with the B Agric degree and switch over to the B Sc Agric degree, before completing B Agric (eg from year ll of B Agric, once Matriculation Mathematics has been passed)

Ag 6.2    Complete the B Agric degree and obtain B Sc Agric status for a higher degree

Matric Mathematics:  Module offered by Department of Mathematics (MAT011 or MAT021)   Additional requirements:  PAC 110 and PAC 121.

Note:   Every student wishing to convert must submit a written request to the Department offering the option they would like to major in.  The Department will then prepare a case for each request for consideration by the Faculty Board.