Faculty rules for Bachelor of Science Degrees

The following rules and regulations of the Faculty must be read in conjunction with the provisions of the Higher Education Act, the University Statute and the general rules and regulations of the University.  Where a learner includes a module or modules from another faculty, the rules and regulations of that faculty apply to the module(s) in question.


SA 1      Registration

SA1.1    At Registration learners have to register as though any outstanding special and/or supplementary examinations were failed. Should the learner’s promotion status (year level) change as a result of a module or modules passed during the special and/or supplementary examinations, s/he can change his/her registration at Late Registration.

SA1.2    Any learner who desires to be credited for modules, courses or qualifications obtained at another tertiary institution, is personally responsible for supplying the Faculty Manager with all the necessary documentary proof of such credits no later than the end of January during the first year of registration at the University of Fort Hare. The documentary proof required includes a statement by the issuing institution as to modules passed, the credit value (as a percentage also of the total annual requirement), and a full description of the module(s). In the case of credits obtained outside South Africa, a SAQA evaluation of the module(s) must also be attached. Failure to abide by this rule may result in the cancellation of the learner’s registration, but the learner will still be liable for all the fees which would normally apply for the modules/courses the learner registered for.

SA1.3    A learner who interrupts his/her studies for a period of six years or more shall forfeit such credits as determined by the Faculty Planning and Management Committee.

SA1.4    If the rules of a degree are amended, a student who elects to continue under the old rules shall be permitted to do so for a maximum period corresponding to the minimum duration of the degree, unless the Faculty Planning and Management Committee, in special circumstances, recommends otherwise.  If s/he fails to obtain sufficient credits in any semester, or interrupts his/her studies at any time, s/he shall be obliged to continue under the new rules.


SA 2      Pre-requisites and Co-requisites

The pre- and co-requisites for each module, where applicable, are listed with the syllabus descriptions of modules and are also included in the structured curricula. These pre- and co-requisites should be read as an integral part of the Faculty’s rules and regulations.

SA2.1    No credit shall be obtained for a module which requires a pre-requisite or co-requisite module until credit is obtained for the pre-requisite or co-requisite module.

SA2.2    When a learner contravenes this rule and registers for modules illegally, any

               credits obtained for such modules will be struck permanently from the learner’s academic record, but the learner will still be liable for all the fees payable for such modules.

SA2.3    The Dean may permit a student to take modules normally prescribed for a semester or semesters in advance of that for which s/he is registered provided that:

  1. preference is given to modules prescribed for earlier semesters, but not yet completed;
  2. credit has been obtained for the pre-requisites;  and
  1. there are no time-table clashes


SA 3      Number of credits per semester

A student shall not be permitted to register for more that 88 credits in any one semester, provided that the Board of Faculty, on the recommendation of the Heads of Departments, only in exceptional cases, permit a student in his/her final year of study, to register for additional 16 credits per semester.


SA 4      Examinations

SA4.1    Unless specified otherwise in the module description, practical tests and/or practical assessments (both formative and summative) will be taken during the semester, and not during the examination period.

SA4.2    The semester mark and the examination mark shall each count 50% towards the final mark, except where the module description specifies a different composition or alternative method(s) of assessment.

SA4.3    No candidate shall be admitted to the summative assessment in a module unless at least 85% of the prescribed practicals, tutorials and/or assignments have been satisfactorily and timeously completed. Where a candidate has passed the practical component of a module with at least 60% at a previous attempt, and is currently repeating the theoretical component, the Head of Department may exempt such a candidate from attending practicals. Candidates must apply in writing to the relevant Head of Department for such exemption and will be informed in writing if his/her request has been approved or not approved.

SA4.4    A student may be admitted to a supplementary examination in a module in which s/he has failed provided s/he has obtained a final mark of at least 45%.

SA4.5    The above requirements (SA 4.4) may be waived should any modules failed in the final year be deemed to constitute the last requirements for a degree.

  1. A first semester supplementary examination may only be attempted in the scheduled examination period and may not be repeated or reconsidered at the end of the second semester.
  1. The total load for the last outstanding modules in both the first and second semesters may not exceed 16 credits per semester and the student must have presented himself for the relevant examinations.  Total of 32 credits per year.

SA4.6    Heads of Departments may grant a candidate an oral examination in a module where the candidate is (1) either close to qualifying for a supplementary examination, (2) close to passing the module, or (3) close to obtaining a distinction in the module/subject.

SA4.7    In order to complete a module in a subject offered by a Faculty other than Science and Agriculture, a student shall comply with the rules of the faculty concerned.