E-learning, through the use of Blackboard in the Faculty of Health Sciences is an important tool in our programmes. 

Thus, the training of staff members of the Departments Public Health – ASELPH lecturers, Natural Sciences, Nursing, Human Movement and Rehabilitative Studies, which started in 2016, will continue throughout this year.  I am proud to say that almost all the lecturers who were trained are consistently posting notes, making announcements and placing assignments and lecture notes on Blackboard.  Using Blackboard this year, had quite a number of advantages to both staff members and students, specifically to provide access to content and assignments for students.  E-learning provided a platform for communication and continuous teaching using Blackboard. Some of the lecturers also used the Test Section as part of their formative assessment.  In other modules, the students uploaded their assignments through Blackboard where the lecturers could easily access their assignments and grade them.  This negated the need for printing from the students’ side. 

Students who registered for a Master in Public Health (MPH) are also using Blackboard as their E-learning platform.  Lecturers are submitting their notes and presentations on Blackboard. This is a vital resource to these students, as most of them are off-campus and part-time students.  They attend classes one week per month, so having all their study material in advance, assist them to prepare for the classes.  They are also able upload their assignments from home, where the lecturer can access, grade them and provide feedback to the students.

There is much positive feedback from lecturers in using e-learning as a tool and I am proud to be part of the team!

E van Niekerk

E-Learning Specialist
Faculty of Health Sciences