International Affiliations

SGCE prides itself in its international partnerships with Sweden and America. A partnership with Umea University, Sweden, exchange programme for pre-service students as well as academic staff. This programme ran from 2008 to 2014. The  introduction of an Early Childhood Development (ECD) Niche area, lead by the GMRDC, plays a vital role in informing and strengthening research through its strong affiliation to research, publication and practice. The ECD Niche area is lead by a Professor in the SGCE.

A new initiative with Wheelock College, Boston, USA in Early Childhood Education and Development has been established. This partnership will strengthen the Transdisciplinary Early Childhood Centre of Excellence (ECCE) housed in SGCE, on the East London Campus. This ECCE is unique in that it is  transdisciplinary, whereby faculties and the community have a substantive role to play in teaching and providing education, health and social services to children, parents/guardians, practitioners/teachers and the broader community. To this end, academic community at UFH would have access to this centre for purposes of teaching, research and community engagement. Currently, SGCE are developing a Bilingual Foundation Phase BEd (GET) programme, another innovative approach to fusing the rural and urban divide through mother tongue teaching and first additional language teaching. The Nelson Mandela Institute for Rural Development (NMI) continues to play an active role in developing this programme with SGCE, to be rolled out in 2017.

SGCE, is indeed a vibrant school with a dedicated cohort of academics apply a humanizing pedagogical approach in their teaching and support for trainee teachers to reach their full potential in becoming competent teachers.