Professor Ntombozuko Stunky Duku

Qualifications: PhD

Position: Head of School , SGCE

Phone number: 043 704 7222


Teaching areas of specialisation: Research Methodology;  Teacher Development

Research Interests: Leadership, Management and policy; ECD, Teacher development and training; Student access and success; Identities in education


Publications (last five years):

             Okeke,CIO, Adu, E;  Drake, M &  Duku,N; (2014) Correlating Demographic Variables with Occupational Stress and Coping Strategies of Pre-School Educators: A Literature Review, J Psychology, 5(2), 143-154.

             N. Sotuku & N. Duku (Book Chapter Accepted March 2014) Indigenous African theories in multicultural education

             N. Sotuku& Duku, N (Book Chapter Accepted March 2014) The concept of ethics in research

             Mavuso, M.P. and Duku, N. (2014). African parents as partners in school governance in South Africa? Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences.

             Muzenda, V. & Duku, N. (2014). Examining the relationship between the Clothing and Textiles curriculum and the World of work in Zimbabwe. Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences Vol. 5 No. 11.


             Muzenda, V. & Duku, N. (2014). Skills lecturers possess for quality delivery of the Clothing and Textiles curriculum in Zimbabwean Universities. Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences Vol.5 No. 11.

             Sotuku, N & Duku, N. Linking youth development, community development and social change: experiences from a rural Eastern Cape village, African Educational Review, Special Issue (paper submitted for peer review).

             Duku, N. & Sotuku, N. Rural based African women’s discourses on Participation in the SGB.( Paper submitted for peer review)

             “Is my research ethical? Negotiating research ethical procedures in the real social world” (Paper submitted for peer review)

             (Mis) conceptions of African Culture and the authority of men in school governance participation ( Paper submitted for peer review)