Faculty Mission and Vision




We seek to be a world-class Southern African Faculty of Education, preparing 21st century educators who are critical, creative problem-solvers, initiators and leaders in education.




The mission of the University is to provide high quality education of international standards contributing to the advancement of knowledge that is socially and ethically relevant, and applying that knowledge to the scientific, technological and social-economic development of our nation and the wider world.



We are committed to:


  •     learning and teaching excellence in both rural and urban contexts;
  •     offering courses and programmes which are flexible, relevant, innovative and future orientated;
  •     conducting research projects grounded in the Southern African experience; and publishing in nationally and internationally recognized publications.
  •     interaction with, and commitment to, our Eastern Cape community, both rural and urban;
  •     partnerships that promote educational development and excellence;
  •     upholding the values of diversity and inclusivity, and
  •     promoting the University of Fort Hare through the Faculty of Education as a respected and recognized leader in education, provincially, nationally and internationally.