Dr Y Nsubuga

Dr  Yvonne Nsubuga

Qualifications: BSc & Diploma in Education (Makerere University ), Bsc (Hons) University of Stellenbosch;  MSc (Environmental Science) Rhodes  University;  PhD (Environmental Education) Rhodes University

Position: Lecturer

Phone number: 0737302838

Email: ynsubuga@ufh.ac.za

Teaching areas of specialisation: Natural Sciences Method, Life Sciences Method, Environmental Education

Research Interests: Science education, Environmental education


Publications (last five years):

  • Nsubuga, Y. (2011). A research tool for analysing and monitoring the extent to which environmental issues are integrated into teachers’ lessons. Southern African Journal of Environmental Education,  Vol. 28:105-117.

  • Nsubuga,Y. (2014). Towards a framework for analysing notions of education quality in different teacher education oreintations. Med. J. Soc. Sc. Vol. 5(7):381 – 389.

  • Baxen, J., Nsubuga, Y. and & Botha, L. J. (2014). A Capabilities perspective on education quality: Implications for foundation phase teacher education programme design. Perspectives in Education, Vol 32 (4):93-

  • Baxen,J., Nsubuga,Y., Hill, L.D. and Craig, A. (2015) Analysis and monitoring of equitable access and full participation in education in South Africa: the challenge of data quality. Journal of Education, 59:65-87

  • Nsubuga,Y (2015). Perspectives on recontextualisation of environmental knowledge within school curricula. Paper Presented at the Strengthening the skills pipeline for environmental sustainability (NESS) conference. Vulindlela Academy, Johannesburg, 3-5 March 2015.

  • Nsubuga,Y (in press). Science education reforms: What does a capabilities approach have to offer? Journal of Educational Studies