Dr Noncedo Khewu

Qualifications: SED, Diploma in Psychology, BTech: Education Management, MPhil: Applied Ethics & PhD in Education

Position: Lecturer

Phone number: 043 704 7118

Email: khewun@ufh.ac.za

Teaching areas of specialisation: Critical Theories and Research, Professional Studies, English Language Methodology and Curriculum Studies

Research Interests: ECD and Fatherhood, Ethics and School Discipline

Publications (last five years):

Moyo, G, Khewu, N. & Bayaga, A. (2014). Disciplinary practices in schools and principles of ATCP strategy. South African Journal of Education, 34 (1).

Khewu N & Adu EO. (2015). Black fathers’ involvement in the early education of their children and associated factors: South African Context. Journal of  Social Sciences, 42 (1, 2): 1-9.

Khewu N & Adu EO. (2016). Strategies used by preschool teachers to improve fathers’ involvement in Early Childhood Education in South Africa. International Journal of Educational Sciences, 12 (3): 192-199.