Dr Jenny Shumba

Qualifications: PhD in Education

Position: Postdoctoral Fellow

Phone number: 0786173985

Email: 200904214@ufh.ac.za

Teaching areas of specialisation: Curriculum Development, Philosophy of Education, Psychology of Education, Research Methods, Current Themes and Issues/Contemporary Issues in Education.

Research Interests: Early Childhood Education, Teacher Education, Bereavement Counselling, Current Themes and Issues/Contemporary Issues in Education


Publications (last five years):

  • Shumba, J., Rembe, S. & Thomas, C. (In Press)South African Early Childhood Development (ECD) Policy Review: A Concept Paper Accepted Journal of Social Sciences.
  • Shumba, J., Rembe, S. & Goje, P. (2014).  Parental Perceptions on ECD Provisioning in Mdantsane District, Eastern Cape. Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences Vol 5, No 9.
  • Okeke, C.I.O., Rembe, S., Maphosa, C. & Shumba, J. (In Press) Demographi​c variables, work-stimu​lated stressors and coping strategies of pre-school educators: A concept paper. Accepted Journal of Psychology (JP)
  • Maphosa, C., Bhebhe, S., Shumba, J. (2014). ‘What motivated them to become teachers?’ An examination of trainee teachers’ motives of training as teachers. Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences 5 (7), 482 – 489
  • Maphosa C., Shumba, J. & Chifamba, R.T. (2014). Examining the causes of the establishment of Group lending Scheme in Zimbabwe. Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences Vol 5, No 11.
  • Maphosa, C., Bhebhe, S. & Shumba, J. (2014). Factors Influencing Trainee Teachers' Choice of School on Deployment after Training. Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences Vol.5 No. 11.
  • Shumba, J. & Moyo, G. (2014).  Counselling Needs of Orphaned Children in Zimbabwe: A case Study of Harare Metropolitan Children. Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences, July Special Issue.
  • Shumba, J., Moyo, G. & Rembe, S.  (Accepted) Bereavement Counselling: A Dilemma for School Counsellors? International Journal of Education  Sciences.
  • Mbilini-Kuze, B. N.C., Rembe, S. & Shumba, J. (In Press) Support and Monitoring Systems in Place for The Implementation of Tourism Curriculum in Fort Beaufort District, Eastern Cape, South Africa (South African Journal of Education).
  • Bilatyi, N.   Rembe, S. & Shumba, J (2014). Strategies to Ensure The Effective Implementation Of Learner Discipline Policies: A Case Of 4 South African Secondary Schools. Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences. November 2014.
  • Shumba, A., Shumba, J. & Maphosa, C. (2012). Mentorship of Student Teachers on Teaching Practice: Perceptions of Teacher Mentors in Zimbabwean Schools. Journal for New Generation Sciences. 10 (1), 148-169.
  • Banda, W., Shumba, A., Maphosa, C. & Shumba, J. (2010). Financial Management in Zimbabwean Non-Government Schools: Are School Heads Left to Fumble in the Darkness? Journal of Educational Studies. 19(1). 139-155.