Bachelor of Commerce Honours (Information Systems)

The Degree of Bachelor of Commerce Honours (Information Systems) introduces learners to research and advances learners in the study and development of Information Systems within a banking context, providing a controlled maturing ground for learners in preparation for the Information Systems profession. Aspects of Information Systems that are relevant to the Banking sector are the key focus. 

The degree serves to address the following objectives:

  • Introduce students to research in the field of Information Systems within a banking context
  • Advance study in Information Systems
  • Advance progressive application of Information Systems knowledge
  • Prepare students for future positions of leadership in Information Systems
  • Facilitate the development of professional communications

The degree comprises of 128 credits.  Students must complete 5 modules (96 credits) and also submit a mini-dissertation (32 credits).  The degree is offered at the East London campus on a full-time and part-time basis over a one year and two-year period, respectively.

Learners complete the following modules:

Information Systems Research Treatise - banking related theme (IFS503E) 32 credits
Information Systems Research Methods (IFS516E) 16 credits
Requirements Management and Development (IFS513E) 16 credits
Information Systems Management (IFS527E) 16 credits
Introduction to Digital Banking (BIS521E) 16 credits
Information Security, Risks and Controls (BIS522E) 32 credits
* Information Systems Trends (IFS529E) 16 credits
* Human-Computer Interaction (IFS518E) 16 credits
* Information Security (IFS525E) 16 credits

Courses marked above with an asterisk (*) are not currently offered.