Master of Commerce (Information Systems)

A Master of Commerce (Information Systems) by dissertation (i.e. 100% research) is offered for students who possess good written and analytical skills.  The purpose is to produce research that, through new theory, is practically useful for South Africa, to increase research skills of learners, and to encourage learners to consider studying further towards a Doctor of Philosophy in Information Systems. 

Students are required to undertake a research study of relevant literature prescribed or agreed to by the Department of Information Systems pertaining to a specific field of study within the broad field of Information Systems.  A research proposal is submitted, and once accepted, the student can proceed with research with the aim of writing a dissertation.  The purpose is to generate new theories and insights through a thesis and research in an appropriate area.

Workshops, seminars and learner led presentations are scheduled as the need is identified. Any assessments that occur internally are formative (feedback-based), although learners will undergo a summative assessment at the end of their Masters.

This degree is offered at the East London campus on a full-time basis over one/two years and a part-time basis over a two/three year period.