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Celebration of International Dictionary Week (13 – 15 October 2014).

Brief introduction to International Dictionary Week

Noah Webster, a prominent lexicographer was, born on 16 October 1758 and Dictionary Day is celebrated worldwide in honour of this famous American compiler of dictionaries. Webster was a brilliant student who studied at Yale University at the age of 15. He later became a compiler of first American dictionary and he is known as the father of American

lexicography. So during this week in October, dictionary compilers observe or advocate for the significance of using dictionaries in teaching and learning and as well by our communities.

Significance of International Dictionary Week


a)  To inculcate the culture of using dictionaries: this is based on the tried and tested principle of mother tongue education as opposed to the submersion of children in a language that is foreign or unfamiliar to them. This day is meant to promote the use dictionaries by learners and communities.

b)  To encourage learner participation in lessons: learners will participate more freely and confidently in society, since their classroom experiences will tend to affirm their cultural practices and equip them with better communicative competencies through

the use of words or terms which are define or explain in dictionaries. Dictionary usage will increase comprehension skills for learners.


Why Use a Dictionary?

·     How to find a word in dictionary

·     How to find meaning of words

·     How words are arranged

·     How to spell a word


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