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National Science Week 2014 - Daily Programme

National Science Week entry form- How I teach It?

National Science Week entry form-Bridge Building

kazumasa okao

Mr Kazumasa Okao awarded an APS Scholarship to study in Costa Rica!

Kazumasa Okao

Mr. Kazumasa Okao, affectionately known as Kazu, has been granted the 8thCohort of the Asian Peace builders Scholarship (APS) funded by the Nippon Foundation in Japan.


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On the Subject of Me

Phumezo Kwinana is a graduate from the Universities of Fort Hare and Stellenbosch where he obtained MSc in Physics and MSc eng. (electrical). In 1994, he joined the University of Fort Hare as a Junior Lecturer and later a Lecturer from 1998 to date, in 2004, he founded a Discovery Centre called FOSST.