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National Science Week 2014 - Daily Programme

National Science Week entry form- How I teach It?

National Science Week entry form-Bridge Building



The mission of SUNSTEP is to broaden the base for future scientists, engineers and technicians in South Africa by stimulating the interests of both educators and learners. The programme stresses the importance of Mathematics and Science as high school learning areas and highlights the many career opportunities that Electronics has to offer. 

Science should be fun! SUNSTEP tries to encourage, motivate and inspire learners with regards to Science and Technology. SUNSTEP offers training workshops for Science and Technology educators as well as the Electrical and Electronic kits, which is used as a practical to enhance the theory learned. The electronic kits offered as well as the Educator and Learner Manuals have been designed and written by SUNSTEP and approved by the Western Cape Education Department.


On the Subject of Me

Phumezo Kwinana is a graduate from the Universities of Fort Hare and Stellenbosch where he obtained MSc in Physics and MSc eng. (electrical). In 1994, he joined the University of Fort Hare as a Junior Lecturer and later a Lecturer from 1998 to date, in 2004, he founded a Discovery Centre called FOSST.