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Certificate in Public Financial Management


This programme includes seven (7) core modules and a choice of electives delivered in twelve (12) block sessions over a period of eighteen (12) months. The course content focuses mainly on applied skills and knowledge and covers applied theory in broad terms. This will enable the learners to directly apply the knowledge and skills gained in the certificate programme to their work tasks in the work environment.
The Certificate in Public Finance Management is designed for all Public Sector Junior and Middle Management Service. Its primary purpose is to improve the finance function and opperation efficiency of public officials within the public sector in compliance with the requirements of the Public Finance Management Act and other supporting legislation. Course material is customised to the specific processes within the public sector thus enabling learners to apply concepts directly to their workplace.
Learning Outcomes:
By the end of the course Learners will be able to:
  • Improve the efficiency of the finance function within the public sector
  • Apply Public Financial Management Act to Financial Management in practice
  • Understand the PFM policy making structure
  • Understand the specific guidelines, policy objectives, infuences and requirements of Public Sector Supply Chain Management
  • Understand the principles of Auditing and governance
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the strategic planning process
  • Understand revenue categorisation and allocation as well as an understanding of the legal instruments that control revenue collection and management
  • Understand expenditure classification and management thereof
  • Understand the purpose of asset management from a legal and financial management perspective
  • Enhance the knowledge of financial reporting and its fundamental importance
  • Understand the overall project management cycle


Course Structure:
Core (compulsory modules):
  1. Block 1 – Financial Orientation
  2. Block 2 – Public Accounting
  3. Block 3 – Public Financial Management
  4. Block 4 – Policy Making and Implementation
  5. Block 5 – Supply Chain Management
  6. Block 6 – Auditing and Governance
  7. Block 7 – Strategic Planning and Budgeting
Electives (two modules of choice):
  1. Revenue Management
  2. Expenditure Management
  3. Asset Management
  4. Financial Reporting
  5. Project Management


In order to qualify for the Certificate, the learner is required to complete the formative assessments (practical assignment) and the summative assessments (examination). As the summative assessment integrates and builds on subsequent blocks, candidates are expected to complete each block’s portfolio before continuing with the next block.
For a full description of each of the courses above please download the full course guide below