Study group initiative in Kumandzimdaka Village

  • Posted on: 5 May 2017
  • By: ARDRI

The study group initiative in Kumanzdimdaka, initiated by ARDRI in partnership with The Land Project, has been underway since February this year. It is the first time that a Farmer Field School-style study group is being conducted in the village. So far the signs are promising. Members of the study group have come up with the name of the group, which is Masincedisane, meaning ‘let’s help each other’. The group has also developed a constitution to govern the group as it proceeds. Other activities that have been done include: planting of seedlings, sharing of information about water harvesting techniques, and an introduction to vermi-composting. The seedlings were purchased by means of contributions of group members together with a partial contribution from ARDRI. 

One of the outstanding attributes of this study group is that most members of the group is the youth of village. Farmer Field Schools ‘give an opportunity to framers to notice that their knowledge is important,’ said ARDRI’s study group facilitator, who has been mentoring the group since it started. 
The group is now looking forward to harvesting its first produce for this first planting season. The facilitator will take a break from vising the group to allow the plants to grow. After 2-3 weeks the facilitator will head back to assess and continue working and prepare for the second season. 
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