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IKS Datacentre 2013-2016

The National Recordal System (NRS) project is an initiative of the Department of Science and Technology (DST) to coordinate and to standardize the capturing, storing, maintenance and dissemination of science and technology related data on Indigenous Knowledge Systems (IKS) in South Africa. The National Recordal System (NRS) initiative was first raised in the IKS Policy where it is stated that: “In order to secure the rights to knowledge, a recordal system needs to be put in place where communities, guilds and other Indigenous Knowledge (IK) holders can record their knowledge holdings in order to assist their interest in future economic benefits and social good, based on IK”.

For South Africa to move from a resource base to a knowledge base, in terms of IK with economic advantage, it is envisaged that the NRS initiative will promote the recordal and dissemination of information describing such knowledge. This will be achieved through the establishment of provincial IKS Documentation Centres (IKSDC) where the collection, documentation, storage and dissemination of indigenous knowledge and related activities will take place. Communities will be able to record and update information about their knowledge into NIKMAS at these IKSDCs.

Indigenous Knowledge Systems Documentation Centres (IKSDCs) are pivotal in the preservation, management and access to IK. IKS Documentation Centres (IKSDCs) are established as local level vehicles for capturing IK wealth located within various communities. Established IKSDCs will provide services to communities, local government, national government and the general public in terms of indigenous knowledge systems captured in the National Recordal System (NRS).This information will be obtained from community elders, traditional healers, traditional leaders, and other relevant sources. In addition to being a repository for the collection and organisation of informational materials, the IKSDC will together with the communities involved actively seeks to produce information that is productively shared, disseminated and distributed.