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Emthonjeni Healing Centre

The project uses a trans-disciplinary approach by investigating the best practices used by Traditional Health Practitioners (THPs) in sustaining the livelivehoods of the community members of Tsengiwe. Subsequently, a social - psychological approach is used in addressing the release of information from the traditional Healers (THPs) to the academics for scientific evaluation and returning the laboratory findings to the THPs. A bridge between the two groups is solicited as THPs are full partners, not just subjects or participants. Collaboration linkages have been forged. The project is critical as it encourages the full participation of the custodians of IK and is anticipated that it will sustain the expected initiated long - term partnership not just with THPs but also other health care therapists who are keen to join hands in the proposed study's initiatives, and the community at large. It is needed at this time with all challenges that the African countries still battle with high numbers of HIV/AIDS affected and infected people, with Aids being perceived as number one killer disease. The collaboration efforts made (UFH; WITS; RHODES) are crucial since they seek to address the limitations and recommendations proposed from the results of the evaluation research studies including those of the 8 countries (including SA) that were conducted (AMREF, 2004 &2006; UNAIDS, 2002 & 2009) and recommendations from various studies (Mlisa, 2009; Van Rensburg, 2004; Bernard, 2010; Wreford) and those of the Portfolio Committee of DST(2007) that until good relationships, respect and high acknowledgement of IK holders is achieved little will be achieved in building trust needed between them, government and scientists. . Hence, the study has an element that looks at all necessary legal and ethical issues relating to IPR, patenting etc.

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