President of Convocation

Mr Max Makhubalo


The Current President of Convocation is Mr Max Makhubalo, the Chief Executive Officer of the BANKSETA; The University statute allows the Convocation President a seat in the University Council, which is a very strategic and highest decision making body of the universities. Deputy President is Bantwini Matika.


From its inception in 1916, the University of Fort Hare, (Unokholeji), has transformed lives. The mantra “in Thy Light Shall We See Light” (IN LUMINE TUO VIDE BIMUS LUMEN) has given light and hope to thousands of students who have passed through its walls and gates. It is our cherished wish that this University will keep on making its contribution to the educational and developmental needs of not only South Africans, but international members of society.

The convocation of the University is known as the convocation of the University of Fort Hare.

(1) The convocation consists of-

(a)  the Vice-Chancellor and Principal;

(b)  the Deputy Vice-Chancellor/s;

(c)  the Registrar;

(d) persons to whom a diploma or degree has been awarded or conferred by the University;

(e) academic employees appointed to permanent positions on the establishment of the University; and

(f) Professors emeriti and other retired academic employees of the University.

(2) the council may, on recommendation of the convocation, determine that persons not listed above, may become members of the convocation.


What is Convocation

Convocation is a statutory body comprising graduates of the University, the Registrar, full-time permanent members of the academic staff, Professors emeriti and other retired members of the permanent academic staff whose period of service was at least 10 years.


Purpose of Convocation

The Convocation is mandated to discuss and states its opinion upon any matters relating to the University including matters referred to it by the Council; Allow for the views of this body to be represented at the highest levels of governance of the University.

The day-to-day administrative affairs of Convocation are managed by the Office of Alumni Relations.