Alumni Office:Welcome Letter


Receive my warm greetings from the Institutional Advancement office. I am excited about the opportunity to engage and connect with you as we work towards our biggest milestone to date, 100 years of excellence.

As you are well aware, our graduates have gone on to distinguish themselves as men and women of legend in leadership, politics, business, clergy and many other fields.

I’d like to extend a warm welcome to the class of 2014. You are now part of a global community who are dedicated to advancing both the University Of Fort Hare (UFH) and one another.


As the Director of Institutional Advancement, I hope you will assist me in ensuring that our brand continues to evoke warmth and passion and that the legacy of Africa’s great alma mater stays alive. We cultivate, steward and nurture lifelong relationships between UFH and our alumni community.


As an alumnus of UFH, take advantage of our online community and assist us with your latest contact details in order to ensure that we keep the network alive for the benefit of UFH.


The UFH centenary is upon us. Our iconic institution turns 100 on February 08, 2016. Although we will celebrate our achievements and heritage throughout the year 2016, our showstopper will be unveiled on February 08, 2016.

The desired showstopper is designed to create an environment for the 21st century student, which speaks to the globalization of the world of knowledge and information.  The University not only caters for its students but for the broader community. It is commonly accepted that the Eastern Cape is one of South Africa’s poorest Province’s.


This manifests in multiple challenges within the society and communities in the area. The challenges that exist within the schools in the province do not help the situation.  This situation creates a vicious cycle where young people have no means to a better future. Government plays an important role in enabling the development of the youth in the area but cannot be expected to do this on its own. As an institution of higher learning UFH has a critical role to play. The University doesn’t only provide a physical manifestation of possible futures thereby inspiring the youth to stay in school, but also a CENTRE where the whole community can access the world through books and knowledge.


The existing capacity and infrastructure of the institution lags behind its current needs and future aspiration. One such area is the library which is grossly inadequate for an institution of UFH’s stature.  It was built to control crowds and therefore not fit for purpose – not big enough nor conducive to learning.  Additional library space is required to allow for the multiple methods of study e.g. study groups, webcast, electronic collaborations, electronic data viewing, etc. as well as creating the environment for continued and uninterrupted study with the proper resources. 


Students are required to conduct world-class research on interdisciplinary issues that are relevant and current. More often than not bibliographical resources are insufficient to successfully achieve this as is evident from external masters and doctoral examiners’ reports. 


Due to the interdisciplinary nature of the activities, students need to conduct extensive research on topics, which may not have been covered during undergraduate courses.  This necessitates the need for a modern library with state-of-art facilities and resources.  To enable UFH to grow in its endeavor to conduct world-class research and produce students who can successfully compete in the various industrial and economic sectors, a world-class library as part of its resource support base is an absolute necessity.


Please join me as I pledge R1000 towards the Alice library and through our giving we can continue the legacy created among these revered grounds and celebrated passages.





Zintle Filtane


Institutional Advancement