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How the inspirational alumni of the University of Fort Hare continue to inspire today’s young leaders of tomorrow

Research any notable university around the world and one of the most important aspects of that research will focus on the institution’s alumni, that celebration of past students’ achievements that inspire aspirant students wishing to follow in their illustrious footsteps. The alumni provide a powerful snapshot of an institution - its values, its impact on society, and its ability

Tender: Student accomodation in East London campus

Bids are hereby invited from suitably qualified service providers for the provision of student accomodation in East London campus. Formal Bid documents can be collected from the office of Supply Chain Management, through payment of a non-refundable amount of R100.00 only per document.Valid original bid offers must be submitted on or before 12 February 2016 at 11:00, in the

Happy Birthday to the People’s Organization

The Vice Chancellor of the University of Fort Hare, Dr. Mvuyo Tom would like to congratulate the ANC on behalf of the university and all its staff and students on the occasion of its 104th birthday. The birth of the ANC as a custodian of the aspirations of the oppressed people of South Africa in 1912 was in many

To find education’s path forward understand past

OLIVER Tambo wrote in 1991: “The history of Fort Hare cannot be retold as if it were one event. It was, and is, the culmination of a drama of interpenetrating and, at times, contradictory forces. It was moulded by the peculiarities of the history of this region of southern Africa, and the struggles authored by that history.”