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Proud beneficiary of the 2016 Abe Bailey Travel Bursary

Having hitched her wagon to a star, Inga Macingwane, a third year law student who is not afraid to reach for the moon, has shined her way to a 2016 Abe Bailey Travel Bursary. The bursary will see her travelling to the African Union headquarters in Ethiopia, then to London and Scotland, on a three week educational expedition.

Fort Hare to recognize special category of Alumni

On Saturday 17th the University of Fort Hare will host a Special Alumni and Convocation ceremony in honor of those who could not complete their studies owing to their expulsion not on academic grounds but their participation in a fight against oppressive administration at Fort Hare and apartheid system in its totality.

Spring Graduation

The University of Fort Hare continues to deliver on its mandates and is really batting above its weight. On Friday 16 September, 390 graduates will be capped with 40 of them receiving PhD’s as part of our spring graduation. During May graduation Fort Hare saw 40 PhD’s awarded.

Why being able to distinguish between a good and a bad fat matters so much

Food, nutrition and human health institutes around the world have been fighting to reduce the risks associated with consuming detrimental fatty acids that are linked to cardiovascular diseases. But few people know what fatty acids are, which ones are harmful or beneficial, and how to identify them. Fatty acids are a component of the fat found in foodstuffs